In the “Solar Decathlon Europe 2012” international sustainable architecture competition to be held in Madrid, Frost Italy will be part of the MED IN ITALY team that will represent Italy together with the collaboration of the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, the Università la Sapienza di Roma and other Italian centres of excellence.

20 international teams will compete in the planning and creation of prototype homes that will meet specified requirements in terms of materials used and energy efficiency as well as internal comfort. Each home will subsequently be monitored in order to establish which one best fulfils the desired requirements: Architecture, Engineering and construction, Solar heating and hot water, Energy efficiency, Living conditions, Functionality, Communications and social actions, Industrialisation and marketability, Innovation and sustainability.

A mark of distinction for Frost Italy who has been entrusted with the planning, creation and installation of state of the art systems for the production of climate control and air treatment systems.