FROST ITALY S.r.l. engineers and develops special units for air conditioning and cooling systems with low environmental impact.
Thanks to  45 years of experience in the HVAC market, we are able to develop innovative and customized solutions to meet specific needs in terms of size, power and temperature.

We are able to serve ALL world-wide markets with hospital applications, plastic industry, agro-food industry, data centers and commercial buildings.


A distinctive characteristic of FROST ITALY is being always oriented towards the customization of the products and solutions we offer. Most of the machines manufactured in FROST ITALY are not standard but are engineered, designed and built based on the technical specifications of our customers.

– Special and customized dimensions

– Low / very-low noise level

– Water/glicole temperature < -20° glycol - Alternative voltage and frequency (ie. 380 V/ 60 Hz) - Structure and panels manifactured with high efficiency materials o high quality material - Winter configurations dedicated to severely cold ambient conditions (-40°C) - Summer configurations dedicated to severely warm ambient conditions (+55°C) - Idraulic systems including pressure pumps and expansions valves - Customized design available for special purposes: industrial processes, marine and submarine applications - Anti corrosion treatment PUT US TO TEST THE BY INVOLVING US RIGHT SINCE THE DESIGN PHASE, WE WILL PUT YOU IN THE POSITION TO DEFINE THE WINNING CHOICE THAT OFFERS THE PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN PERFORMANCE AND COSTS.