FROST ITALY S.r.l. is a leading Company in the air-conditioning and heating field able to offer innovative products and solutions to all kind of Customers.
Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC market, our Company has gained experience to become the partner of choice for many customers and for a wide range of different projects.
The company is located in Schio (VI), one hour’s drive from Venice, in the North-East area of Italy, which boasts a long and well-established tradition in the manufacturing of packaged liquid chiller.
We are present in all Countries, thus allowing us to operate successfully all over Europe, Russia and CIS Countries, North Africa, Middle East, Gulf Countries, Australia and North America.

Frost Italy, your tailored comfort

We are able to serve ALL world-wide markets, fitting specific country needs.
Frost Italy is organized with an in-house technical department, able to design, develop and test innovative and successful products.
The strong attitude to innovation of FROST ITALY lead to the implementation of a testing lab, which allows to test the manufactured units at the most stringent conditions required by the customer.


FROST ITALY is also available to perform a final inspection of the equipment with the presence of the customer for the final tuning of the equipment.
Over the years our company has developed its skills in the field of OEM production, therefore we achieved considerable and long term results in terms of quality and customer satisfaction and we are able to offer you the same service.
Being a medium-sized company, we benefit of a certain  “flexibility” to promptly react to special inquiries in order to satisfy customer specific needs in the shortest time possible. This is one of our main strengths.

This peculiarity allows us to process any kind of project, even for particular requests and to issue many offers for non-standard units, by customizing the inquiries based on different sizes, type of refrigerant, temperatures, capacities and sizes.
The wide range of accessories make our products suitable for every kind of application.
Actually we can manufacture any capacity requested.