FROST ITALY S.r.l. – UNIPERSONALE is proud of its more than ten years experience and presence in the air conditioning field and have identified the need of differentiate itself in offering alternative solutions to processing Client air conditioning requirements.
Frost Italy has achieved a significant position for itself, not only in the Italian market, where its presence is well cemented, but also in other countries, North and East Europe, North America and Middle East.
Together with a fully equipped design and technical office Frost Italy, with its strength and speed of service, is able to deliver innovative, varied and cost effective solutions and products to cater for its Clients needs.
The wide range of Frost Italy products includes chillers, heat recovery units, fan coil units, water ceiling cassettes, compact air conditioning units and ductable units. Frost Italy is a medium sized organisation which prides itself on its flexibility and track record in offering its Clients alternative solutions, backed up by its technical shills and know how, in processing air condition requirements.